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Marble Surface


No Film in the Camera

Back when I was 10 years old, I found a camera in a drawer in our kitchen. Mesmerized by the possibilities, I took that camera and wandered the neighborhood, taking picture after picture of everything I found that was interesting (at least to me). When I got home, I asked my mom what I needed to do to actually get prints of all the fabulous pictures I’d taken. It was then that she pointed out to me that the camera didn’t have any film in it.

Despite that setback, I started semi-seriously tinkering with photography as art in high school - back when it was 35mm film. I continued to experiment with it when I entered college as an art major. But when I changed my major to something more “practical”, I pretty much put photography in my personal rear view mirror.

Slow forward (it was a long time ago) to about 10 years ago. Tired of just “taking pictures” on family vacations, I invested in my first professional level digital camera. In addition to taking it on family trips, I began to go on dedicated “shoots”. I started adding lenses and other equipment. I started taking classes. And somewhere along the way, I realized this was no longer just something l liked to do - it became something I loved to do.

I don’t really know where this path is headed. All I know is that I love to capture images of the world as I see it, and share them with others. That’s what this website is all about. Giving you a view into my perspectives of the world around me. I hope you enjoy.

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